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accident personal injury attorneys Fort LauderdaleCar Accident Personal Injury Attorneys Fort Lauderdale

When spending time on the road, car accidents and minor collisions are bound to happen between motorists, which lead to accident personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale. After being involved in an accident, it’s common for injuries to occur, as some symptoms can even develop several days later. With auto accidents, there are a few common types of injuries that most people suffer from due to the impact.


Whiplash occurs from the jolt of car after hitting another object or vehicle and results in soft tissue damage in the neck. It can also cause damage to the discs in the neck and lead to dizziness, a sore neck, stiffness, headaches, memory loss, and fatigue. The effects of whiplash can take several days to experience in some cases, so it is best not to wait to call accident personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale.

Head Injuries

Most people are not wearing a helmet when in driving in a vehicle, making head injuries a common auto accident injury from direct impact to a windshield, dashboard, or steering wheel. The head can also move in an unnatural way during the collision, which can result in closed head injuries and concussions. In these cases, victims should receive immediate medical attention and also contact accident personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale to protect themselves.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries are commonly experienced with auto accidents and involves damage to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments in the body. This often involves bruising, joint pain, sprains, and tearing of the soft tissue for a minor injury that can be painful. Soft tissue injuries generally heal on their own with rest and by icing of the affected area.

Injuries to the Chest

Even while wearing a seat belt, the chest can still have contact with a steering wheel or dashboard during an accident. The severe jolt and movement of the chest against the seat belt can also cause bruising or whiplash, which can be a painful injury that takes several weeks to heal. In severe cases, ribs can become broken and internal bleeding can occur if the impact is strong enough. Calling accident personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale will make sure you get the medical attention you need without paying for it yourself.

Minor or Deep Cuts

Many people experience cuts on their skin from an auto accident, which is often from glass breaking or from impact with debris. Most scrapes or cuts can be easily treated, but some may need stitches to prevent blood loss from the injury. For those who are victim to an auto accident and also experience cuts or other injuries, medical personnel should be contacted, as well as accident personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale.

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