Preparing to Meet with Your Personal Injury Attorneys Miami

In case you have set up an appointment on your prospected Personal Injury Attorneys Miami to discuss the possible claim, it is essential to be fully prepared on your appointment.  You should already have the necessary documents and records.  You should also anticipate the information that your lawyer requires to know that is associated with your particular case. Your preparation can save you a lot of money and make your case efficient and smooth.


A Comprehensive Guide When Meeting With Personal Injury Attorneys Miami


There are lawyers who will ask their clients to fill up a form before having an appointment with them.  The forms is consists of the necessary information and the common questions associated with the personal injury accident.  This information is required and pertinent to your claim.  In case that the Personal Injury Attorneys Miami will ask you to submit the form before the face-to-face meeting, be sure to submit the supporting documents related to your case.


Some of the reports and the written documents are related to the accident, the injury that you acquired, the medical treatment and the amount of damage you received.  Even in the event that the Personal Injury Attorneys Miamidid not ask you to bring these documents, it is still important that you bring the copies of this record.  This may include:


  • Copy of the accident report and police report


  • Copy of the record from different health care services; physical therapist, primary care doctors and emergency medical providers. The record should also include the diagnosis and possible medical care in the future.


  • Bills from the various medical services


  • Information related to the insurance coverage on your medical expenses


  • Record regarding the lost income, document about the work missed due to the acquired injury.


  • Copies of the claims (if already filed)


  • Photographs associated with the incident


Possible Questions to Ask on Personal Injury Attorneys Miami



During your first meeting, you should also prepare the questions that you should ask with your Personal Injury Attorneys Miami.  You should not be afraid in asking anything.  In case you are hesitating to ask, here are some of the possible questions that you should ask with your personal injury lawyer.


  • Ask them about how many similar cases did they handle in the past. You also need to know how many of those cases reach a favorable decision.


  • How long have they been working as a personal injury lawyer?


  • What types of problem do you anticipate in my case?


  • Inquire about the fee they charge.


  • Do they have a distinct time frame wherein they are determined to settle the case in that time limit?


  • Would they handle your case personally?


You should never be afraid in asking anything especially if it is related to money.  You should be fully aware on how the Personal Injury Attorneys Miami charge their clients so you will not be surprise in the end.

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